WoW Season 4 Patch 10.2.6 Demonology Warlock Guide

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Tier Sets


(2) Demonbolt applies a Doom Brand that explodes after 20 seconds, dealing (107 percent Spell Power) Shadow damage to nearby enemies. Hand of Gul’dan reduces the duration of your Doom Brands by 1 second per Soul Shard.


(4) When Doom Brand explodes, you have a chance to summon a Doomfiend that casts 5 Doom Bolt Volleys before departing. Each Doom Bolt Volley deals Shadow damage to up to 4 enemies. 

Talent Builds



Belor'relos, the Suncaller

Arguably Best in Slot Trinket (it or Tome of Unstable Power). Does a large amount of damage when used and is worthwhile on both Single Target and AOE.

Nymue's Unraveling Spindle

Other Best in Slot Trinket. Hybrid Stat and Damage based effect which should be paired with your cooldown, whenever possible. 

Umbrelskul's Fractured Heart

A strong, equip based trinket that can be used in place of Nymue or Belor, if desired. 

Tome of Unstable Power

Exceptionally strong AOE trinket which can be acquired from Azure Vault. Often played over Belor'relos and others in AOE/M+. 

Stat Weights

Intellect>Versatility=Critical Strike>Haste>Mastery

It is VERY important to note that this is a rough outline of desired secondary stats. Stat weights will vary from player to player due to varying gear sets and other external factors. The best way to tell what your own stat weights are is a Top Gear sim with Gems and Enchants taken into account. If you don't want to do that then you can just follow this.

Gear, Consumables and Enchants


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Howling Rune

Personal - Timely Demise

Raid - Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak

While Feasts are better in every sense they are also very expensive to craft and typically not used outside of raiding. 

Phial Corrupting Rage

This is your best, all around option outside of niche settings.

Potion - Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power

Your best DPS Potion.

Weapon - Howling Rune

Howling Runes grant you Haste when consumed, similar to Weapons Oils from Shadowlands.

Enchants and Gems

Keen Ysemerald
Fierce Illimited Diamiond

Radiant Malygite - Versatility/Critical Strike

Resplendent Illimited Diamond - Primary Stat and Versatility


The openers and rotations listed below are what you want to follow in a normal opener and setting. At times these may change due to fight mechanics or needing to hold CDs. 

Single Target Opener

1. Precast Power Siphon

2. Shadowbolt

3. Belor'relos (if playing Trinket, may vary based on kill time)

4. Grimoire: Felguard

5. Call Dreadstalkers

6. Demonbolt

7. Hand of Guldan

8. Demonbolt

9. Hand of Guldan

10. Shadowbolt x2

11. Hand of Guldan

12. Summon Demonic Tyrant

13. Demonic Strength

Resume normal maintenance rotation

If you are playing RoT, you can cast Vilefiend on cooldown to have every other cast line up with Demonic Tyrant. If playing GWD, you will hold every Vilefiend for every Tyrant.

If you are playing RoT, cast Demonic Strength on CD. If you are playing GWD, hold it for every Demonic Tyrant. 

AOE/Mythic +

1. Build to 5 shards

2. Grimoire: Felguard

3. Shadowbolt/Soul Strike

4. Call Dreadstalkers

5. Build to 5 shards

6. Hand of Guldan

7. Shadowbolt

8. Hand of Guldan

9. Hand of Guldan (if shards remaining)

10. Summon Demonic Tyrant

11. Demonic Strength

*Number of Imps will vary based off Demonic Core and Calling procs. For a more detailed breakdown see below. A video guide is also provided.

 It is important to react to Demonic Calling or Demonic Core procs in your setup properly (in place of 2x Shadow Bolts for example) which net you more imps. Depending on Haste levels and procs you are often able to squeeze in more than 6 imps in your Tyrant setup. You mid-combat Tyrants will also have more than 6 imps due to banking Demonic Core procs and at times Demonic Calling. 

Filler Rotation and Implosion

Outside of your Tyrant setup, Demonology's rotation is very simple. You want to cast Call Dreadstalkers on cooldown while also casting 3 shard Hand of Gul'dan's in the meantime. You will never hard cast Demonbolt outside of your opener. All other Demonbolt casts will be through Demonic Core procs.

1. Playing the "Naked" version of Demonology, you typically hold every Demonic Tyrant for your Grimoire: Felguard cooldown, which is two minutes.

2. Leave Soul Strike on auto-cast.

When it comes to Implosion, it is a DPS gain in 2+ stacked targets. Due the the new talent Imp-Gang Boss, your cue to implode is based on when your Imp Gang boss Imps are about to expire. A Weak Aura that tracks then is recommended for this purpose if you aren't familiar with the flow of Demonology. One can be found in my Wago which was designed by Rhaki!

WoW Season 4 Patch 10.2.6 Demonology Video Guide

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