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Kyrian - Scouring Tithe

Applies a DOT effect that lasts 18 seconds. If the enemy dies while it is active, you generate 5 Soul Shards. If they survive, the cooldown is reset.

The Baseline damage that Scouring Tithe brings is mediocre and while Demonology can make good use of the 5 Soul Shards it grant at times, it is limited to single target. This is also one of the limiting factors of Demonology and seeing that shard generation is rarely a concern for the spec, Kyrian is a mediocre option. 

Necrolord - Decimating Bolt

Hurls bolts of Decimating magic at you target, dealing Shadow damage and increasing the damage of your next three Demonbolt casts by 100%. Decimating Bolt's damage and the Demonbolt damage amplification is increased based on the remaining health of your target.

While there are a plethora of effect that increase Demonbolt damage (Sacrificed Souls, Power Siphon, From the Shadows, Balespiders) they are sadly all additive and not multiplicative. Demonbolt itself is also a small portion of your damage (3-5%) which means that even when stacking all of these effects together, Necrolord is still a mediocre Covenant. 

Night Fae - Soul Rot

Wither away all life force of your current target and up to three additional nearby, causing your primary target to suffer 200% the damage of the surrounding targets over 8 seconds. For the next 8 seconds, casting Drain Life will cause you to also Drain Life from every enemy affected by Soul Rot at no mana cost.

Soul Rot's baseline damage is strong both in single target and AOE settings. It also brings with it powerful Soulbinds/powers (Discussed below) which are extremely synergistic with Demonology and Demonic Consumption. This makes Night Fae the best overall choice for Demonology Warlocks.

Venthyr - Impending Catastrophe

Calls forth a cloud of chaotic anima that travels to your targeted enemy, dealing Shadow damage to enemies in its path. When it reaches the target it explodes, applying Curse of Weakness or Curse of Tongues and also a DOT effect that lasts 12 seconds.

Impending Catastrophe is not target capped and brings with it a good bit of utility with the passive curse application. Sadly this ability is drastically under tuned even in heavy AOE settings which makes it and the Venthyr covenant a subpar choice for Demonology. 

Overall your best covenant choice is Night Fae due to the nature of Soul Rot and the powerful interactions it has with Night Fae Soulbinds and how universally applicable it is compared to other Covenant abilities. Soulshape it also easily the best Covenant utility ability for its "blink" effect.


Kyrian - Pelagos

Combat med
let go of the

Combat Meditation

Scouring Tithe increases your Mastery for 10 seconds. Collecting orbs increases the duration. 

Combat Meditation provides a substantial Mastery buff every so often while also having the potential to increase the buffs duration it orbs are collected.

Let Go of the Past

Using a spell or ability reduces Magic damage taken by 1% for 6 seconds. Stacks 3 times.

A minor Magic damage reduction that can be maintained for the majority of most encounters. 

Necrolord - Plague Deviser Marileth

Ultiamte form

Ultimate Form

While channeling Fleshcraft, you are immune to crowd control and you regenerate 2% health every 1 sec. If you finish the full channel, you gain 3 sec of crowd control immunity, during which you regenerate 2% health every 1 sec.

Can be a strong effect in certain PVE based situations and certainly PVP. There shield Fleshcraft provides is large and the regenerate health portion from Ultimate Form makes it an even stronger defensive.

Kevin's Oozeling

Activating your Necrolord class ability summons Kevin's Oozeling to fight alongside you for 20 sec. His attacks cause your enemies to take 6% additional damage from you and he periodically grants your allies an absorb shield that absorbs X damage.

A strong damage amp of 6% that is tied directly to your Decimating Bolt ability. This new trait alone has greatly increased Plague Devisers value in 9.1, making him a very strong choice.

Night Fae - Niya

Grove Inviog

Grove Invigoration 

Healing or Dealing damage has a chance to grant stacks of Redirected Anima that increase your max health by 1% and Mastery by 2.9 for 30 seconds, and stacks overlap. Casting Soul Rot grants 12 stacks.

The Mastery buff Grove Invigoration brings is substantial as well as the health increase it provides. The Stamina increase also is a direct damage increase is playing the Demonic Consumption talent. Lasting 30 seconds means it will cover every major cooldown window a Warlock has.

Niya's Tools: Burrs

Damaging abilities have a chance to deal damage, reduce movement speed by 20% and inflict Nature damage over 6 seconds. Does not count towards Malefic Rapture.

Burrs is chosen at times when there is a lack of relevant potency conduits for an encounter. It has seen most of its play as Destruction. 

Niya's Tools: Poison

Your interrupts apply Paralytic Poison, dealing Nature damage over 30 seconds. Targets take increased damage if interrupted twice.

Poison is the final row ability in Niya's Soulbind tree that is connected to a Potency conduit. It brings a small amount of stacking damage if the player successfully interrupts a mob.

Venthyr - Nadjia

familiar pre
Dauntless du

Thrill Seeker

While in combat, gain a stack of Thrill Seeker every 2 seconds or 4 stack from killing an enemy. At 40 stacks, they are consumed to grant Euphoria, increasing Haste by 20% for 10 seconds.

Thrill Seeker provides a substantial Haste increase once you reach 40 stacks which can be exceptionally strong if paired with CD's or other effects. Had added value in multi-target add based settings.

Familiar Predicaments

The duration of incoming interrupts, snares and root effects are reduced by 25%.

A small quality of life increase in certain spots if need be. Note that this is the trait connected to the second Potency slot for Nadjia. If you are playing two Potency conduits you will have this effect. 

Dauntless Duelist

The first enemy you damage is marked as your adversary. You deal 3% increased damage to them and they deal 1.5% less to you. You may only have 1 adversary at a time.

Dauntless Duelist is a strong option in single target settings but is connected to a Finesse conduit. At times this may be a better option than another Potency conduit.

These are the recommended best universal Soulbinds for Demonology Warlocks. It is important to note that in certain scenarios a different Soulbind might pull ahead slightly.



borne of blood
fel commando
carnivorous stalkers
tyrants soul

Borne of Blood 

Hand of Gul'dan has a X% chance to generate a charge of Demonic Core.

Borne of Blood is the Conduit as Demonology that you don't replace. It is very strong in every setting and helps smooth out the overall flow of Demonology tremendously.

Fel Commando 

Your Felguard deals X% more damage and takes X% less damage.

The Fel Commando Conduit is normally paired with the Demonic Strength talent as it increases its damage and survivability. 

Carnivorous Stalkers 

Your Dreadstalkers' attacks have a X% chance to trigger an additional Dreadbite.

Carnivorous Stalkers is usually paired with the Dreadbite talent and at times From the Shadows as well. Granting your Dreadstalkers a chance to Dreadbite again will cause both Dreadlash and FTS to re-trigger which is a considerable damage gain. 

Tyrant's Soul 

After your Demonic Tyrant expires, gain a stack of Demonic Core and increase the damage your demons deal by X% for 15 sec.

Tyrant's Souls brings with it a substantial boost to Demonology's damage outside of your Demonic Tyrant, which was an issue in the past. The additional charge of Demonic Core also helps with smoothing exiting your Tyrant window. 

Your typical Potency Conduit setup will consist of Borne of Blood, Tyrant's Soul and Carnivorous Stalkers/Fel Commando. Carnivoruous Stalkers is more single target based while Fel Commando is the better option in 2+ target settings.

If you decide to play the FTS/Dreadlash build then you always play Carnivorous Stalkers due to how strong the proc chance is when paired with said talents. 


demonic momentum
fel celerity
kilroggs cunning
shade of terror

Demonic Momentum 

Demonic Circle: Teleport increases movement speed by X% for 5 sec.

Demonic Momentum is your best Finesse Conduit in most settings due to the large speed boost it provides after using Demonic Circle. Circle can also be activated simply for the speed boost if need be. 

Fel Celerity 

The cooldown of Fel Domination is reduced by X sec.

Usually your second best option if looking to choose another Finesse Conduit. While pets do not die often, there are times where you will need to resummon in combat.

Kilrogg's Cunning 

Your Eye of Kilrogg is no longer stealthed and can now place your Demonic Circle. You must be within line of sight of the Eye of Kilrogg to place the Demonic Circle. Increases movement speed by X%.

While Kilrogg's Cunning certainly sounds exciting it is sadly nowhere near as useful as it may seem. Still a decent option if Fel Celerity or Demonic Momentum are not of interest. 

Shade of Terror 

Your Fear effects can withstand X% more damage before breaking.

Shade of Terror does have its uses however Fear itself is rarely ever cast in PVE based content due to the risky nature of the spell and mobs having a chance to pull others. 


accrued vitality
diabolic bloodstone
resolute barrier

Accrued Vitality 

Drain Life heals for X% of the amount drained over 10 sec.

Accrued Vitality is a niche Conduit that holds very little relevancy in PVE. Typically the only time you are interested in casting Drain Life is while playing Inevitable Demise, which rarely is the right choice. While it can contribute more healing if you are near death, there are better Endurance options.

Diabolic Bloodstone 

Anyone that consumes your Healthstone infuses you with X% leech for 6 sec.

Diabolic Bloodstone is a throwback to the Legion "Sweet Souls" artifact weapon trait. It is a very strong effect but only occurs when someone uses one of YOUR Healthstones, not any Warlocks.

Resolute Barrier 

Attacks received that deal at least 5% of your health decrease Unending Resolve's cooldown by X sec. Cannot occur more than once every X sec.

While not as strong as Diabolic Bloodstone usually, Resolute Barrier can be a solid choice in setting where there is semi-frequent incoming damage which allows for more Unending Resolve casts over the fight. 


forces of the horned nightmare
grim inquisitors dread calling
relic of demonic synergy
wilfreds sigil of superior summoning

Forces of the Horned Nightmare

Hand of Gul'dan has a 15% chance to cast a second time on your target for free.

Forces of the Horned Nightmare is a decent all around legendary. Hand of Gul'dan is your main Soul Shard spender which means this legendary has value anywhere you are in combat.

Grim Inquisitor's Dread Calling

Each Soul Shard spent on Hand of Gul'dan increases the damage of your next Call Dreadstalkers by 4%.

Grim Inquisitor's Dread Calling has a large amount of synergy with the Dreadlash talent and is mostly played in Mythic + with the DL/FTS talent build. It brings a consistent yet powerful AOE damage profile to every pack while also having a bit of single target relevancy. It also gains tremendous value when you acquire your 2 piece tier bonus. 

Relic of Demonic Synergy

Damage done by you or your primary demon has a chance to grant the other one 15% increased damage for 15 seconds.

Demonic Synergy is a universal legendary for Warlock, though not very good for Demonology. 

Wilfred's Sigil of Superior Summoning 

Every Soul Shard you spend reduces the cooldown of Summon Demonic Tyrant by 0.6 sec.

Wilfred's is a throwback to a Legion legendary and is overall your best choice for Demonology. It shortens the cooldown on Summon Demonic Tyrant which (when paired with Demonic Consumption) is an incredibly powerful cooldown and your main source of damage.

Implosive Potential

Implosion grants 1% haste for 12 sec for each Imp exploded. When this damages at least 3 targets, instead gain 5% haste per Imp.

Implosive Potential is a very strong effect in settings where there will consistently be 3+ targets. It loses a great deal of value when there is not, making it a very strong but niche legendary. 

Decaying Soul Satchel

Each target affected by Soul Rot increases your haste and critical strike chance by 5% for 8 sec.

Decaying Soul Satchel is the Night Fae Covenant Legendary. While the Crit % effect is additive, the Haste portion is multiplicative allowing the Warlock to reach 150% + levels of Haste with ease under the right effects. The fact that it is tied to Soul Rot makes it an exceptionally strong CD on a 1-minute cooldown.

Shard of Annihilation

Decimating Bolt also increases the critical strike chance by 100% and critical strike damage by 50% for Demonbolt.

Shard of Annihilation id the Necrolord Covenant Legendary. It is primarily single target focused but greatly empowers your next 3 Demonbolts casts.

Talent Builds

Demonology brings an exceptionally strong single target damage profile while also having a great deal of stacked AOE/cleave potential. It is also the only spec in the game that scales damage wise with Stamina increasing effects (Rallying Cry, APT, AV) due to the nature of Demonic Consumption and pet health scaling. 

Single Target


The talents listed above are considered to be the best single target build of Demonology ONCE you obtain your 4 piece tier set. Dreadlash is played with the Carnivorous Stalkers Conduit and Demonic Strength is played with Fel Commando.  For a more detailed talent breakdown, see below.

AOE/Mythic +


The talents listed above are considered to be the best AOE build of Demonology after the 9.1 changes. Dreadlash brings with it a very consistent AOE damage profile while also applying From the Shadows for more consistency. Soul Conduit can be played in place of Grimorie: Felguard but brings with it a bit more RNG. For a more detailed talent breakdown, see below.

It is VERY important to note that until you obtain your 4 piece tier set for Demonology, you will play a different build of talents in single target. This build consists of Demonic Strength (over Dreadlash) and Summon Vilefiend (over FTS). Once you obtain your full tier set however, you will then shift to the build listed above in single target.

Talent Breakdown

Level 15 Talents 

bilescourge bombers
demonic strength


When your Dreadstalkers charge into battle, their Dreadbite attack now hits all targets within 8 yards and deals 25% more damage.

Dreadlash provides the most consistent damage of all three abilities in this row as it is tied to your Call Dreadstalkers, which are a 20 second cooldown. It is your best option ONCE you obtain your 4 piece tier set.

Bilescourge Bombers

Tear open a portal to the nether above the target location, from which several Bilescourge will pour out of and crash into the ground over 6 sec, dealing Shadow damage to all enemies within 8 yards.

Bilescourge Bombers is the middle ground ability in the first row. It provides a good bit of AOE damage on a 30 second cooldown, however it costs Soul Shards to cast.

Demonic Strength

Infuse your Felguard with Demonic Strength and command it to charge your target and unleash a Felstorm that will deal 400% increased damage.

Demonic Strength is on a 1 minute cooldown but does not cost a Soul Shard and brings with it a very strong AOE and ST damage profile. It is normally the choice made in PVE content until you obtain your 4 piece tier set, then Dreadlash pulls ahead. 

Level 30 Talents 

demon skin
burning rush
dark pact

Demon Skin 

Your Soul Leech absorption now recharges at a rate of 0.5% of maximum health every 1 second and may absorb up to 15% of your health.

Demon Skin is a strong option in setting where there is a lot of frequent, sustained periodic incoming damage as your absorption shield will be higher.

Burning Rush

Increases movement speed by 50% but damages you for 4% of your max health every 1 second. Movement impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% movement speed.

Burning Rush is typically the default choice in this row due to the incredible amount of mobility it provides. Note that Demon Skin and Dark Pact can be better options at times if fights have little movement.

Dark Pact

Sacrifices 20% of your current health to shield you for 250% plus an additional X for 20 seconds. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects. 1 minute cooldown.

Dark Pact is an exceptionally strong cooldown in settings where there is infrequent large burst of timed damage (Sludgefist for example) where it can be used to mitigate incoming damage. 

Level 40 Talents 

mortal coil
howl of terror

Dark Fury

Reduces the cooldown of Shadowfury by 15 seconds and increases its radius by 2 yards.

A decent option in Mythic + for more frequent stuns and utility. Radius extension is not as impactful as it seems. 

Mortal Coil

Horrifies the enemy target into fleeing, incapacitating for 3 seconds and healing you for 20% of the maximum health. 45 second cooldown.

An exceptionally strong personal heal on a 45 second cooldown. The heal effect works on all targets regardless of incap potential.

Howl of Terror

Lets loose a terrifying howl, causing 5 enemies within 10 yards to flee in fear, disorienting them for 20 seconds. 

Sadly has very little use in both Mythic + and Raiding due to the lack of Fear casts that are used in both settings.

Level 25 Talents 

demonic calling
power siphon

Demonic Calling

Shadow Bolt and Demonbolt have a 20% chance to make your next Call Dreadstalkers cost 2 fewer Soul Shards and have no cast time.

Demonic Calling brings with it the potential for Call Dreadstalkers to be instant cast which helps with mobility. It also is generally a strong options in most settings and generates additional Tyrant value when you are in your "set up".

Power Siphon

Instantly sacrifice up to 2 Wild Imps, generating 2 charges of Demonic Core that cause Demonbolt to deal 30% additional damage.

While there are a lot of abilities that buff either Shadow Bolt or Demonbolt damage, they are all underwhelming due to the additive damage stacking they all bring. Demonbolt also makes up a very small portion of your damage and has no Demonic Consumption synergy. 


Inflicts impending doom upon the target, causing Shadow damage after 20 sec. Doom damage generates 1 Soul Shard.

Doom can technically be a gain in council/multi-target settings but Demonology as a whole is rarely ever played in those settings.

Level 35 Talents 

from the shadows
soul strike
summon vilefiend

From The Shadows

Dreadbite causes the target to take 20% additional Shadowflame damage from you for the next 12 sec.

From the Shadows increases Demonbolt, Implosion, Hand of Gul'dan splash damage and Tyrants Demonfire damage. It also gains a tremendous amount of value in AOE when paired with Dreadlash and Carnivorous Stalkers. FTS becomes your best option when you obtain your 4 piece tier set.

Soul Strike

Command your Felguard to strike into the soul of its enemy, dealing Shadow damage. Generates 1 Soul Shard.

Soul Strike is sadly a very underwhelming ability compared to both From the Shadows and Summon Vilefiend. 

Summon Vilefiend

Summon a Vilefiend to fight for you for the next 15 sec. 45 second cooldown. Costs 1 Soul Shard.

Vilefiend is your best option in single target due to its interaction with Demonic Consumption UNTIL you obtain your 4 piece tier set. Once you do, FTS becomes the better option.

Level 45 Talents 

soul conduit
inner demons
grimoire felguard

Soul Conduit

Every Soul Shard you spend has a 15% chance to be refunded.

Soul Conduit is played at times in the Dreadlash/From the Shadows builds but falls short to Grimoire: Felguard in the single target build of Demonology.

Inner Demons

You passively summon a Wild Imp to fight for you every 12 sec, and have a 10% chance to also summon an additional Demon to fight for you for 15 sec.

While an exciting talent, Inner Demons is undertuned, riddled with various combat bugs and does not bring with raw value that Grimoire: Felguard does.

Grimoire: Felguard

Summons a Felguard who attacks the target for 17 sec that deals 25% increased damage. This Felguard will stun their target when summoned. 2 minute cooldown. Costs 1 Soul Shard.

Grimoire: Felguard is your best option playing the single target build of Demonology both for the health it contributes towards Demonic Consumption as well as its raw damage.

Level 50 Talents 

sacrificed souls
demonic consumption
Nether portal

Sacrificed Souls

Shadow Bolt and Demonbolt deal 4% additional damage per demon you have summoned.

While there are a lot of abilities that buff either Shadow Bolt or Demonbolt damage, they are all underwhelming due to the additive damage stacking they all bring. Demonbolt also makes up a very small portion of your damage and has no Demonic Consumption synergy. 

Demonic Consumption

Your Demon Commander now drains 15% of the life from your demon servants to empower himself.

D Con is the only option in the final row due to the sheer power that it brings on a short cooldown. This also forces you to choose Vilefiend and Grimoire: Felguard due to the synergy between them when playing the single target build.

Nether Portal

Tear open a portal to the Twisting Nether for 15 sec. Every time you spend Soul Shards, you will also command demons from the Nether to come out and fight for you. 3 minute cooldown. Costs 1 Soul Shard. 

Nether Portal is a personal favorite of mine but will sadly never see play until the Demon damage is buffed and/or the cooldown is shortened. Demonic Consumption does what Nether Portal does better and is 1/3rd of the cooldown.

Tier Sets

2-Piece: Ripped From The Portal

Call Dreadstalkers has a 100% chance to summon an additional Dreadstalker.

This 2-piece bonus is one of the strongest early bonuses of any spec. The third Dreadstalker is a large gain in both single target and AOE (playing Dreadlash) and also greatly increases the value of our Carnivorous Stalkers Conduit.

Raiding: A

Mythic +: A

4-Piece: Malicious Imp-Pact

Your Hand of Gul'dan has a 15% chance per Soul Shard to summon a Malicious Imp. When slain, Malicious Imp will either deal (85% of Spell power) Fire damage to all nearby enemies of your  Implosion or deal it to your current target.

The 4-Piece Malicious Imp's make up a good portion of our damage in both single target and AOE, depending on RNG. They also deal Shadowflame damage upon expiration which increases the value of the From The Shadow's talent once you obtain your 4-Piece. They also do indeed count towards Demonic Consumption. 

Raiding: B

Mythic +: B



Infinitely Divisible Ooze

Exceptionally strong for Demonology in single target due to it scaling with Demo Mastery and Tyrant buff. This is your best single target trinket for Demonology when paired with Soulletting Ruby.

Soulletting Ruby

Grants a large amount of critical strike and gains value in settings where adds are dying. Best on-use option for Demonology Warlock in both Raid and Mythic +.

Unbound Changeling

Strongest equip based trinket you can acquire outside of the current raid. Has a 1-time chance per day to grant you a "triple stat increase" after consuming buff food of a different stat, which is the best simming version.

Stat Weights

Intellect>Haste>Mastery>Critical Strike=Versatility

It is VERY important to note that this is a rough outline of desired secondary stats. Stat weights will vary from player to player due to varying gear sets and other external factors. The best way to tell what your own stat weights are is a Top Gear sim with Gems and Enchants taken into account. If you don't want to do that then you can just follow this.

Gear, Consumables and Enchants


feast of gluttonous hedonism
spectral flask of power
potion of spectral intellect
shadowcore oil
veiled augment rune
heavy desolate armor kit

Personal - Tenebrous Crown Roast Aspic

Raid - Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism 

While Feasts are better in every sense they are also very expensive to craft and not used outside raid normally. 

Flask Spectral Flask of Power

This is your only option when it comes to Flasks in Shadowlands.

Potion - Potion of Spectral Intellect

This is your best option over Phantom Fire as it is far more consistent and scales in 2+ target settings.

Shadowcore Oil - Apply to Weapon hourly and deals Shadow damage. Persists through death.

A minor DPS increase but is cheap to craft that also persists through death.

Veiled Augment Rune - Increase Intellect by 18 for 1 hour. Single Use.

Provide a small stat boost however are very expensive. Can be acquired through LFR and Mission Table. 

Heavy Desolate Armor Kit - Increases Stamina by 32 for 1 hour. Persists through death.

Cheap to craft and provides an extra bit of survivability. Also grants additional health which increases Demonic Consumption damage. 

Enchants and Gems


Weapon - Celestial Guidance (5% Primary Stat Proc)

Cloak - Fortified Avoidance (+20 Stamina and 30 Avoidance)

Chest - Eternal Stats (+30 Stats)

Bracers - Eternal Intellect (+15 Int)

Rings - Tenet of Haste/Mastery (+16 Stat)


The openers and rotations listed below are what you want to follow in a normal opener and setting. At times these may change due to fight mechanics or needing to hold CDs. 

Single Target

1. Precast Demonbolt (4 Seconds Before Pull)

2. Cast Soul Rot (If Playing Niya)

3. Grimoire: Felguard

4. Summon Vilefiend

5. Built to 5 Shards

6. Call Dreadstalkers

7. Soulletting Ruby (If Equipped)

8. Build to 5 Shards

9. Hand of Gul'dan

10. Shadow Bolt

11. Hand of Gul'dan

12. Trinkets/Racials and Int Pot

13. Summon Demonic Tyrant

13b. Cast Soul Rot/Decimating Bolt (If playing Dreamweaver or Plague Devisor) 

14. Hand of Gul'dan

15. Demonic Strength

*Number of Imps will vary based off Demonic Core and Calling procs. For a more detailed breakdown see below. A video guide is also provided.

It is important to react to Demonic Calling or Demonic Core procs in your setup properly (in place of 2x Shadow Bolts for example) which net you more imps. Depending on Haste levels and procs you are often able to squeeze in more than 6 imps in your Tyrant setup. Your mid-combat Tyrants will also have more than 6 imps due to banking Demonic Core procs and at times Demonic Calling. This build of Demonology brings most of its damage from your Demonic Tyrant which is why proper set-up is so important. For an even more in-depth mid combat Tyrant rotation, check the video guide below. Time stamps are provided. 

AOE/Mythic +

1. Be at 5 Soul Shards

2. Soul Rot (If playing Niya) 

3. Grimoire: Felguard (Skip if playing Soul Conduit)

4. Build to 5 Shards

5. Call Dreadstalkers

6. Soulletting Ruby (If Equipped)

7. Build to 5 Shards

8. Hand of Gul'dan

9. Shadow Bolt

10. Hand of Gul'dan

11. Trinkets, Racials and Int Pot

12. Summon Demonic Tyrant

13. Cast Soul Rot/Decimating Bolt (If playing Dreamweaver or Plague Devisor) 

*Number of Imps will vary based off Demonic Core and Calling procs. For a more detailed breakdown see below. A video guide is also provided.

With the Dreadlash/FTS build you aren't playing Vilefiend or Grimoire (at times) so your Tyrant are a bit weaker. The build does offer stronger, more consistent AOE however and one large Implosion at the end of Tyrant due to pet extensions. It is also important to react to Demonic Calling or Demonic Core procs in your setup properly (in place of 2x Shadow Bolts for example) which net you more imps. Depending on Haste levels and procs you are often able to squeeze in more than 6 imps in your Tyrant setup. You mid-combat Tyrants will also have more than 6 imps due to banking Demonic Core procs and at times Demonic Calling. For an even more in-depth mid combat Tyrant rotation, check the video guide below. Time stamps are provided. 

Filler Rotation

Outside of your Tyrant setup Demonology's rotation is very simple. You want to cast Call Dreadstalkers on cooldown and cast 3 shard Hand of Gul'dan's in between. You will never hard cast Demonbolt outside of your opener. All other Demonbolt casts will be through Demonic Core procs.

1. While playing Wilfred's you will hold every Vilefiend for every Tyrant cast.

2. Every other Tyrant cast will also have Grimoire: Felguard accompanying your Vilefiend.

3. This build can also be played in Mythic +/AOE settings. The Implosion rotation still applies. 

4. You hold every Soul Rot and Decimating Bolt for your Tyrants. 

Implosion Rotation

Implosion is a DPS gain at two or more stacked targets. The ability itself has gone through a handful of changes but it currently not target capped. It will deal damage based off the remaining energy your imps have on your main target, but full damage to every surrounding mob when cast, making Demonology exceptionally strong at stacked/sustained AOE. There are two different ways to approach an Implosion cycle which are based off current resources. 

If you have 0 Demonic Core procs - 6 Imps

1. Build to 5 Soul Shards

2. Hand of Gul'dan

3. Shadow Bolt

4. Hand of Gul'dan

5. Filler spell (For Imps to Spawn)

6. Implosion

If you have 2+ stacks of Demonic Core - 9 Imps

1. Build to 5 Soul Shards

2. Hand of Gul'dan

3. Demonbolt

4. Hand of Gul'dan

5. Demonbolt

6. Hand of Gul'dan

7. Filler spell (For Imps to Spawn)

7. Implosion

It is important to note that Demonic Consumption was changed in Shadowlands to now siphon life from ALL active pets and no longer consumes imps. This means that Tyrant will now extend all pets/imps and can make for a very large Implosion upon expiration. Imp duration has also been extended to 30+ seconds outside of combat in 9.0, making it easy to transition from one pack to the next and Implode.

9.2 Demonology Video Guide

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