WoW 10.0 Warlock Mythic+ Guide


Mythic + Guide Overview

In this guide we will cover the different builds of Affliction, Demonology and Destruction that are played in Mythic +. At times it may be necessary to choose varying talents for utility, CC or to support your group comp. 

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Affliction banner1000

Affliction brings an exceptionally strong AOE profile via Sow the Seeds, Grim Reach and Dark Harvest. Its single target output however, is subpar. You have the option of playing a heavy AOE build or more of a "Hybrid" build, which sacrifices a bit of AOE for a stronger single target profile.


The AOE build of Affliction opts to play both Grim Reach and Dark Harvest, bringing an exceptionally strong AOE profile but also subpar single target damage. 

Aff AOE Sac

This build opts to play Dread Touch and Siphon Life while still maintaining a strong, CD based AOE profile via Grim Reach.


Demonology banner green1000

Demonology is the most rounded spec when it comes to Warlock in 10.0 M+. It brings with it a strong, cleave damage based profile and the option of very powerful single target (via Nether Portal) every 3 minutes. Guillotine is an acceptable alternative to the Nether Portal build if you wish, but is mediocre in single target. 

np cleave

This build opts to play the full Nether Portal talent row while also maintaining your strongest cleave elements (Implosion, Demonic Strength). While Nether Portal is a 3-minute cooldown, it brings with it very strong single target damage which can be used on priority targets or bosses. 

Demo Guillotine

The Guillotine build opts for more of an AOE emphasis but is lacking in the single target department. If you prefer to not play Nether Portal, then Guillotine is a acceptable alternative. 


Destruction banner1000

Destruction Warlock in 10.0 brings with it a strong, sustained AOE damage profile that is similar (but not as powerful) to Season 3/4 of Shadowlands. The recent buffs to Incinerate and other abilities make it a very strong option in single target, as long as there is not too much movement.

Destro M+ AOE

With talents like Inferno, Flashpoint, Rolling Havoc, Madness and Chaos Incarnate, this build of Destruction is strong in a wide array of scenarios. The only downside is that your Infernal is 3 minutes. 

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